Along the Danube, via cellar lanes & sunken paths, ascending to scenic viewing terraces, always with an eye on wine: our hiking and cycling tips.

Kremstal-Danube Long-distance Hiking Trail

The Kremstal-Danube Long-distance Hiking Trail stretches for some one-hundred kilometres around the wine town of Krems and the picturesque villages north & south of the Danube. The trail is divided into fifteen stages, with individual segments between four and eighteen kilometres long, signposted in both directions. On the eleven stages north of the Danube, one proceeds through the communities of Krems, Rohrendorf, Gedersdorf, Langenlois, Gföhl, Lengenfeld, Stratzing, Droß & Senftenberg. The villages Mautern, Furth & Paudorf are connected on the four segments south of the Danube. If one wishes to tackle all the stages of the Kremstal-Danube long-distance hiking trail, it should take five to six days. In the villages along the way there are numerous places to stop for refreshments, and culinary resources for enjoyable breaks.

Weitwanderweg Kremstal-Donau

The Jakobsweg from Stift Göttweig to Stift Melk

Part of the Austrian Jakobsweg leads from Stift Göttweig to Stift Melk, which has recently been well signposted. Between the two baroque abbeys on the left bank of the Danube, visitors will hike through the lovely vineyards of the Kremstal and the Wachau, as well as the deep forest green of the Dunkelsteinerwald. Making this forty-four kilometre-long spiritual journey on foot, one can learn more about the entire Jakobsweg at special stations.

Wachauer Jakobsweg

Welterbesteig Wachau (World Heritage Trail)

The Wachau World Heritage Trail is probably one of the most attractive extended hiking routes in Austria. Over its 180 kilometres, the thirteen communities of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Wachau connect via the most beautiful hiking trails and historic paths. The World Heritage Trail is divided into fourteen stages, with the first leading 12.4 km from Krems to Dürnstein. The way leads through the beautiful old towns of Krems and Stein, then through cellar lanes into the Kremstal’s & Wachau’s stone-terraced wine landscape, to the medieval town of Dürnstein with its famous castle ruins.

Ice Age Hiking Trail Stratzing

While performing excavation work for a water tank in Stratzing in 1988, a 7.2cm stone figure of Venus was found by archaeologists. Created some 32,000 years ago, this figure is one of the oldest works of art in the world. An archaeological educational trail has been set up around the site, which can be navigated in ¾ hour and which provides information about the life of Stone Age hunters & gatherers on display boards.


Marillen-Experience Trail in Krems-Angern

The Wachau ‘Apricot’ Experience Trail was laid out in Krems-Angern in 2008, ‘adopted’ by the Aufreiter family wine estate. The 4.5 km long circular route leads the visitor on five stations through the picturesque wine landscape and through old apricot orchards on the trail of the noble fruit! The pleasure hiker is introduced to the unique details pertaining to the southern bank of the Danube, the nature of the apricot tree and – of course – the products into which its fruits are processed.

Jakobsweg Weinviertel

The Weinviertel Jakobsweg was only signposted in 2011; it now runs for 162km from Mikulov in the Czech Republic to Krems. The Kremstal segment begins in Gedersdorf and leads along wine terraces and cellar lanes to Rohrendorf & Krems. A particularly attractive section of the Jakobsweg crosses the Danube to Mautern, connecting the two Danube abbeys Göttweig and Melk over a distance of 44 km.

Jakobsweg Weinviertel

Bergwerkgedenkweg – the old mine trail

This pathway is laid out as a circular hiking trail and runs through the five villages of Angern, Brunnkirchen, Oberfucha, Thallern & Tiefenfucha on the southern bank of the Danube near Krems. It leads through orchards & vineyards past the historical sites where alum, lignite & clay were mined. It has a total length of around 9.5 kilometres and can be comfortably hiked in around 2.5 hours.


Kremstal Cycle Path

The approximately 72km-long, well-signposted Kremstal cycle path starts in Krems and leads to Senftenberg, at first demanding no great exertion. After Senftenberg, though, it  becomes rather sporty: up through Felling to Kottes one gets to to know the rough side of the Waldviertel. Cyclists pedal via Nöhagen back to Senftenberg, and from there return to Krems.

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Danube Cycle Path

258 kilometres of the Danube Cycle Path – the most popular cycle path in Austria, if not in all of Europe – are in the State of Niederösterreich. From Enns to Hainburg, the route leads past numerous monasteries, fortresses & castles, passing through spectacular landscapes such as the Wachau – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and the Donau-Auen National Park. From Krems, visitors can make lovely excursions to the Wachau on the Danube Cycle Path. The combination of boat & bike is also very popular: for example, take the Danube boat to Melk and pedal the Danube Cycle Path back down the river to Krems.


Kamptal Cycle Path

A lovely bike path over of 107 km, which branches off from the Danube Cycle Path in Altenwörth and leads through the Kamptal and the middle Waldviertel to Zwettl. On its first leg, the route touches the vineyards around Krems & Langenlois, and then follows relatively flat terrain along the River Kamp to Rosenburg. After that it gets quite hilly, with good signage in both directions.

Kamptal Radweg

Vinum Circa Montem Cycle Path

23km-long circular biking trail around the Göttweiger Berg, set up by the winegrowers’ association VINUM CIRCA MONTEM (VCM). It leads past the wine estates & wine taverns of the VCM members. Signposted with the association’s symbol, the Palter Becher from the 16th century.

Vinum Circa Montem

Kamp-Thaya-March Cycle Path

This figures among the most beautiful long-distance cycling routes in Austria. The large arc, led along by the three rivers in its name, is 420 km long and passes through the most beautiful areas of the Waldviertel & Weinviertel. Several winegrowing regions, two national parks (on the Thaya & the March), numerous castles, fortifications, ruins, monasteries & museums are threaded like pearls on the large loop. The route begins in Krems; from there the KTM trail leads through the winegrowing region to Langenlois